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Pesterchum is an "Instant messaging client copying the look and feel of clients from Andrew Hussie's webcomic Homestuck.", please check out the github page for information about the client :3c
Also consider taking a look at Pesterchum's pages on and is the primary server for Pesterchum since the original shut down in 2020. All the clients linked below connect to it.



Pesterchum for Windows, macOS and Linux can be found on the releases page on GitHub:

Image of the default Pesterchum theme
Image of the trollian Pesterchum theme


Pesterchum IRC client made with the Godot engine 3.5, targeting desktop, android, and the web. Inspired by the QT Pesterchum client. This project intends to replace Chumdroid (an old android client), as well as provide a universal experience across webbrowsers, phones, & desktops.

README: Getting started

Screenshot of Pesterchum Godot


Work in progress attempt at making another online client for Pesterchum, since the old Pesterchum Online shut down after the server switch.

Screenshot of the version of Pesterchum Online


Chumdroid is an Android port of Pesterchum. A version of Chumdroid edited to connect to can be downloaded here.
NOTE: Chumdroid's last update was 9 years ago, bugs are fairly common, especially on more modern phones.

Screenshot of Chumdroid
Screenshot of memo #want_to_make_a_new_chum on Chumdroid


  • Connecting to the IRC server,, is possible to over the standard IRC ports, 6667 for plaintext and 6697 for TLS/SSL connections. Using TLS/SSL is preferred. Connecting with IRC clients other than Pesterchum like KiwiIRC is allowed, and encouraged for moderating memos.
  • When using a modern online IRC client, ports 8080 (http/plaintext) and 8443 (https/tls) can optionally be used instead of the normal ports for use with the WebSocket protocol, which allows for a direct connection. With KiwiIRC, the option for using a WebSocket connection can be found under the advanced tab when adding a server.
  • Since the only important client to support is Pesterchum and we don't need to support any legacy IRC clients, older versions of TLS/SSL are disabled for security reasons. When using TLS, it is only possible to connect over TLS1.2 and TLS1.3. (for web clients, this covers ~98% of browsers)
  • The server runs UnrealIRCd 6* :3
  • An implementation of the metadata protocol draft is enabled, since it fits Pesterchum's use case of having miscellaneous data like moods and color very nicely. This is the only third-party module on the server. (info)
  • IPs listed by dronebl/efnetrbl as having been used for spam/abuse etc. are blocked, and users connecting from them will be kicked/killed. This means some proxies/VPNs can't be used to connect to the server by default. If you want to use a blocked proxy/VPN for privacy or firewall reasons please ping a mod on Discord and ask to be whitelisted.