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  1. No bigotry. Public displays of racism, homophobia or transphobia will result in a ban.
  2. Do not harass users, so no rallying your friend group to spam someone. In the case of a dispute message a moderator instead.
  3. Do not attempt ERP/nsfw roleplay with unwilling chums.
  4. Do not repeatedly rejoin memos you are kicked from.
  5. Do not spam users or memos.
  6. Do not impersonate other users.
  7. If a user has blocked you, do not attempt to harrass them by circumventing it.
  8. Do not run intrusive bots. (For flooding, for example.)
  9. When talking via a non-Pesterchum IRC client, make sure to use the proper prefix and suffix in memos as to not confuse users. (<c=0,0,0>XX:</c>)
  10. Rules for canon handles:
    1. Canon handles are first-come, first-serve.
    2. Don't idle on a canon handle. The working idle time allowed right now is 15 minutes. If you see a canon handle idling, tell a moderator and they will message them. If they don't receive a reply within 15 minutes you will be ghosted/kicked.
    3. Please keep things relatively clean. Keep in mind the age of a lot of MSPA fans. Don't ERP in public memos. Don't try to initiate ERP with people you don't know. If someone makes you uncomfortable, please report them to a moderator.
    4. Please don't hog the canons. If you are at your computer the whole time, be kind enough to work out sharing the handle with people that want to use it. Using a handle for more than eight hours in a row is considered hogging, consider taking breaks :3c
    5. Please try to stay in character!
    6. Please be responsive! And at the same time, don't expect people on canon handles to entertain you! Roleplaying is a two way street; if you are playing an "official" character, realize that you're providing a kind of service to people. If you're talking to a canon handle, realize that it's not their job to put on a show for you -- try to bring some interesting conversation!
    7. Canon roleplaying is a PUBLIC SERVICE. The idea is that anyone who logs on can chat with their favorite characters. As such, you must not appear as "absconded" and you must respond to any and all pesters. Note, however, that canon roleplayers are not obliged to keep your conversation going, nor are they expected to put up with straight up harassment. Also keep in mind that someone roleplaying a TROLL is under no obligation to be nice to you. There is a large about of subjectivity here; please copy and paste logs to a pastebin and submit them to a moderator if you have any complaints.
    8. You are only allowed one canon handle at a time!
    9. Some commonly used non-canon handles (autoResponder, animatedHumorist, etc.) are unregisterable to prevent hoarding, canon handle rules do not apply to these handles, but excessive hoarding won't be tolerated.